Altar Servers



Attention parents: If you would like for your children to serve the church as Altar Servers. Please sign up with Mrs. Genoveva Longoria at (254) 723-8394 or at the church office at (254) 752-8434. Children must have made their First Communion.

Atención a todos los padres de familia: si desean que sus hijos sirvan a la parroquia como Monaguillos, favor de comunicarse con la Sra. Genoveva Longoria al (254) 723-8394 o bien a la oficina parroquial (254) 752-8434. Deberán haber recibido el Sacramento de la Comunión.


Contact Person:   Mrs. Genoveva Longoria


Fr. Roman Burgos

Genoveva Longoria

Altar Servers 
Open my mouth, O Lord,
to bless you Holy Name.
Cleanse my hear from all
evil and distracting thoughts.
Enlighten my understanding
and inflame my
will that I may serve more
worthily at you holy altar.
O Mary, Mother of Christ the High
Priest, obtain for me the
most important grace of knowing
my vocation in life.
Grant me a true spirit of faith
and humble obedience so
that I may ever behold
the willing follow him in the
way, the truth, and the
Life of Christ.